It’s time to find Star Superkids

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EVERY parent knows without a doubt that their youngster is a super kid. But we are casting our net a little wider to find the Star Superkids of our region.

They are the young people who really shine and make a difference in the world for themselves and others.

It may be through exceptional talent or tremendous courage.

But they all share the same characteristic - they stand out and are shining examples for the next generation.

This will be our 15th Star Superkids awards. Each year we have been amazed at the wonderful stories of tremendous kids who live in our area.

And that is why we know that this year’s event will be equally heart warming and inspirational.

But it needs your involvement for it to be a success. For we want readers to put forward the names of youngsters they truly believe to be superkids.

You can find details on how to enter them on Page 31 of today’s paper.

Don’t hesitate. A few moments of your time could bring a well earned accolade to a youngster you know is a worthy Star Superkid.

Life is humdrum without the arts

WITH cuts hitting almost every area within the public sector it is to be expected that the arts should be no exception. And so it proves to be this week when Arts Council England announce details of its grants for the 2011/12 financial year, with widespread speculation that this will include major reductions in grants.

Sheffield Theatres and smaller performing arts groups alike are expecting to have to tighten their belts in the coming years.

They won’t be easy days ahead but we suspect that organisers behind the groups affected will come up with some creative ways to continue their wonderful work without too noticeable a change in quality or quantity.

It is asking a lot, readers will know that. But they hope that this is the case, for they equally know that without the contribution of the arts our lives would be humdrum beyond measure.

Developing talent

FOR many the answer to anti-social behaviour is a clip round the ear hole. But we live in more enlightened times.

So some readers may be surprised, and possibly annoyed, that the city council has a team who tour housing estates offering state of the art music production, snooker and computer games sessions.

However, it is part of the carrot and stick approach which is welcomed by many, not least the youngsters often at the forefront of anti-social activity.

Most readers will agree that it is better to harness the talents of young people and direct them spend their time in more wholesome ways.