It’s time for the council to listen to the public

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Dr Davis’s letter makes stark reading for Sheffield Labour politicians. Like many other campaigners fighting to save local libraries I’ve shared my concerns about the council’s proposed “independent library” model.

However, it’s not just campaigners who share this view – it’s obvious that these fears extend to council officers as well. In November, The Star published a draft council document which stated ‘it is not sustainable for community groups to take over redundant libraries without any ongoing support from the council’.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the council is proposing and when the public document was approved by Labour councillors, this sentence had been mysteriously removed.

It’s time for the council to listen to public outcry and work with communities to save our local libraries. At the moment, it seems our Labour council have no interest in protect local libraries and instead want to prioritise taxpayer funds for their own pet projects.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Lib Dem, Broomhill