It’s right to strike

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People should remember this week’s strike is not and has never just been about public sector pensions. This is also about a way of life.

I won’t sit back and let the Government charge me to see my GP, or to use any NHS facility, or to see day care centres for the elderly close down, or see the privatisation of public sector call centres such as HMRC and the DWP which means people being sacked to make way for lower-paid staff.

This issue affects the majority of low paid public sector workers but will we see action by people who ‘aren’t bothered’ when we see credit card readers handed over NHS reception desks and councils withdrawing funding from elderly health care?

A council in the south has already started advising people to move out of its city as they will soon start to turn the screw on them. That’s social cleansing and it stinks.

This will lead to private landlords racking up rents to create inner city ghettos. We had it before and it’s returning. The Government despises social housing.

People not striking? Not getting out there to show this lousy lot that we aren’t taking it? Classic case of denial. See you at the slum.

PJ Cawkwell, Conisbrough

I’M all for the strike action. How often do we say that something should be done about something then we do no more? Good on them for getting out and manning the picket lines. The rate we are going in this country I can see the workhouses returning.

Jayne Grayson

The Government doesn’t like the public sector because it does not make a profit. Their long-term plan is to privatise everything. When they have achieved that we will have to pay for everything.

On a day when we have two million people on strike, the Government says it is having a disastrous effect on the economy. We have 2.8 million people out of work, but they tell us that this is the price to get the economy back on track. We’re in this together? I think not.

Mick Gethin, Chapeltown