It’s one rule for everybody else

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I AM writing in support to Richard Brunt and his views on recycling.

I live and work in the area of Firth Park and was told five years ago that, because I live on my own, I couldn’t have a recycling bin and that the nearest recycling bins are at Firth Park and the library.

Then came the new bins about bins and boxes for paper, plastics etc.

When I contacted Veolia they said that I could now have the appropriate bins.

When I mentioned about recycling in the flats, I was told that it wouldn’t be possible and that they would need extra bins for the people to recycle materials.

Meanwhile every week their rubbish is thrown anywhere and everywhere, sometimes in the bins, sometimes not. Because they don’t care and have no respect for the area. And it’s one rule for me and another for everybody else.

Or maybe they cannot read.

HG, Firth Park, S5

Clegg pulls rug from under us

Nick Clegg wants Sheffield’s economy to focus on technology and manufacturing. One of his first acts in government was to cancel investment in Forgemasters which would have done just that!

Grand rhetoric is fine, but his government is making it much harder for Sheffield’s economy to get an advantage.

We have two fantastic universities that could put Sheffield at the cutting edge of global innovation, but tripling fees, cutting teaching budgets and slashing research investment makes that more difficult.

We also have an NHS Trust of the Year, undertaking ground-breaking research and could turbo-charge our economy. But his ham-fisted reorganisation of the NHS makes it tougher for Sheffield to seize opportunities.

If he really believes Sheffield’s economic future lies in high-tech manufacturing, he should change course and get behind Sheffield, rather than pulling the rug from under us.

Coun Jack Scott, Arbourthorne

Anita is giving hope to all

How wonderful to hear of someone who has put so much thought and practical care into looking after Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Anita Bland is truly remarkable for providing such a programme for the residents in her care. This should be rolled out across care homes all over the country.

Alzheimer’s strikes fear into the hearts of anyone approaching old age and to read about people like Anita gives hope to all those who reluctantly have to place their relatives into care.

I truly applaud Anita and her team.

C Langham, Compton St, S6

Speak the lingo

your front page story about a family’s holiday in Turkey shows that they endured a nightmare. But I had to have a little ‘tut’ when he said no one spoke English. It always makes me laugh when people have been abroad and they say they all spoke a foreign language. What do you expect? It’s their country and they’ll speak their native tongue.

Jayne Grayson

Give me a villa

It looks like we’ve fallen for a sucker punch again. Justice Charles sobs and bleats and the PC Brigade cry torture and our goverment goes soft on asylum laws. I think I will tell the Spanish goverment I am being tortured by Cameron’s cut backs and ask them for a nice three-bedroom villa and, of course, the benefits. Why do we allow people to bypass friendly countries to get here? To Asylum Shangrila.

Harriet Dawson, Hallam