It’s nowt to frown about

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Former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton is having her first baby in two months’ time, bless.

She can’t wait for the birth...

So that she can get back to the beauty parlour and have her frown line botoxed.

The wrinkle-freezer based on botulism can’t be administered during pregnancy. And the ban is playing havoc with her frown line.

“I can’t wait to have the baby so I can have it again. I have a big frown line in the middle of my forehead and I’m conscious it’s come back.

“I look angry all the time and it really upsets me,” she’s been wittering to some celeb rag who must think that the beauty routines of Little Ms Nobodies matter to someone.

Can you believe it? Of all the things to be fretting about right now.

I almost pity the child about to be born to this silly, vain woman.

And for God’s sake, she’s only 31 years old; nowt but a girl. What can she actually know of wrinkles?

One can only hope the arrival of her first child will be a major wake-up call to what really matters in life.