It's not just grim living up North

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Last month's outpouring of claims of injustice over the Con-Dem government cuts to public services claimed a massive North/South divide.

You stated 'Dorset Council will actually receive a 0.25 per cent INCREASE in the amount of money it will have to spend next year.'

And you quoted David Blunkett: "Our City has been betrayed and the pain people will feel will not be shared equally across the country."

I beg to differ. Poole council's 'fairer contributions' policy wanted to increase my mum's twice weekly day centre charges from 588 to 3,145 per year. An increase of more than 500 per cent.

After 10 years my mum involuntarily does not attend the day care centre any more. It's not just 'grim up North.'

Steve Clark, Tideswell

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