It’s my hard-earned money after all

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I read with interest the letter from BW Jervis of Button Hill, and find that I take great exception to the comments regarding ‘Labour used to be a party for the poorer-paid employees, but now claims to support hard-working people, this is a much broader category that includes lawyers etc’.

Are you suggesting that the poorer paid worker does not work hard? I work damn hard for my £6.50 an hour, thank you very much.

Austerity? When the likes of Mr Cameron stop claiming for lunches that cost more than I earn in a week, and when they also get £192 a year pay rise like me instead of £6,500 a year, and stop renting out the houses that us, the people are paying for, and stop getting all the other expenses they get that us, the people are paying for and stop telling me we are all in it together.

Until they stop demonising people on the dole, until they put 1 or 2,000 immigrants in the middle of Fulwood or Totley or Hallam or Dore, or even better, right next door to Mr Cameron, and let them have to stride over rubbish to get to the bus stop or walk round dumped mattresses .

Until then, he can shove his austerity where the sun don’t shine!

The problem with his cuts is that they are all aimed at the working class or people on the dole.

God forbid you should ever find yourself in that position, and have to sign on and be spoken to as though you have just been scraped off someone’s shoe.

They should be shown the same respect as the person dealing with them would expect to get.

Yes, cuts are needed, but what about it being their turn?

After all, we’re all in it together, aren’t we?

He also needs to have a hand in creating jobs as well as cutting them.

The money and services anyone gets is not a gift from the government.

It doesn’t belong to them, and neither does social housing.

These have been built for the people, not to sell off at a cheap price.

It is my hard-earned money he’s playing with after all, don’t forget.

L Thompson

Firth Park

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to give the elderly a same day appointment with a named GP and protect benefits including the free bus pass and winter fuel payment .

We shall see.

EB Warris