It’s more than my job’s worth, council said no!

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June 1982 on transit back to task force group off Falklands Islands, having supported 45 Commando with naval gunfire support in the retaking off “two sisters”, HMS Glamorgan took an Exocet missile resulting in 13 killed.

Fast forward to Friday June 7, 2013. I go along to war memorial in Barkers Pool and I find it fenced off as I wanted to lay a wreath in memorial of my shipmates lost.

I ask if it’s all right to lay my wreath and some “young ’un” upstart wearing “event steward” high viz vest said no it’s not allowed.

I try to explain why I was there, had nowt to do with the EDL and I just wanted to lay my wreath and pay my respects, a few minutes is all it would take. “It’s more than my jobs worth, Sheffield city council said no!”

I go and speak to a police officer, who can see no problem.

‘Young ’un’ upstart still says no.

Even Mr Policeman can’t make him see sense.

So in the end he ends up laying a wreath for me. I said lay the wreath, not exactly.

From about 2m away he steps and tosses it on to the plinth.

Anger, outrage, upset, wrath, fury and gob smacked I went through them all.

He promised to have words.

So cheers Sheffield City Council, do give a gold cap to your employee for being a complete pratt and half.

Jobsworth well done.

J Walsh (EX RN)