It’s like living in a dustbin on estate

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I have lived on Grindlow Drive since the estate was built in 1964.

For many years, the Gleadless Valley area was considered to be an example to the rest of Europe.

The six flats at the top of Blackstock Road were mostly occupied by pensioners who looked after the outsides with the same pride as the interiors.

These same flats are now occupied by all sorts of younger people who could not care less about the environment and simply drop their litter where ever they happen to be.

Evidence of this can be seen on the grass slopes on which the flats are built. Piles of litter, paper bags, plastic shopping bags can be seen accumulating every day. A council employee comes round to clear this up but the sheer volume of the litter defeats him.

This spills out on to the shops on Gleadless Road.

There are five litter bins between the area housing office and the Co-op but the ground is covered in litter.

The rear of the shops is disgustingly similar with litter everywhere, plastic bags blown by the wind decorate the trees in Buck wood, even broken glass has been dumped by the side of the entrance to the car park where there are potholes and because the grid is blocked, is flooded when it has been raining.

By the library there is a path leading to the play area and car park. The grass bank near this path is covered in dog dirt, even condoms have been found.

One of my old neighbours used to say it was like living in a dustbin.

There is an area of grass underneath the balcony of the Blackstock pub which has been collecting cigarette tab ends for months and is now ankle deep.

Some weeks ago there was a great deal of activity around the shops on Gleadless Road, involving councillors and I brought all these points up with one. She said nothing could be done as the area was “privately owned”, so who is responsible?

The real answer is not just trying to clear up after these louts, but to educate them, to prevent litter in the first place.

May I suggest a zero tolerance attitude to the dropping of litter.

This would involve heavy fines with publicity and a points system: three points for each offence and 12 points leading to eviction.

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