It’s helping others that makes us human

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I hope no readers are swayed by Molly Lynch’s self-serving claptrap in defence of her own mean-spiritedness.

So in her perfect world, all needs are met through taxation, meaning more taxes: has she ever voted for a tax rise? The pretence that the state will do all so we need do nothing has starved us of compassion and distanced us from the vulnerable, so that we tolerate stony-hearted policies that punish the poor for their poverty. Her excuse “they’ll only waste it” is a feeble justification for ensuring that even less can be spent helping those that need it. As for laying Savile’s crimes at the door of charity –that belongs in the gutter and is unworthy of a Star journalist. The Big Society proved to be a myth, but Ms Lynch’s views are those of the Small-minded Society.

It is helping others that makes us human.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall