It’s essential to stop more gems being bulldozed

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I must take issue with Colin Drury’s comments about the campaign to save the Jessop Hospital Edwardian Wing.

Were you born and bred in Sheffield as I was? Probably not, however, even if you were you most certainly cannot remember as far back as I can.

If you could you would know that this city has lost numerous lovely old buildings that over the years have been demolished to make way for the University’s places of learning – many of which were lovely, elegant Victorian and Edwardian houses.

All this has been lost for ever and that is why it is essential to stop any more little gems from being bulldozed.

I haven’t heard one campaigner involved in trying to save the Edwardian wing say that they wish to halt progress or stop the university’s £80 million engineering block from being built.

What the campaigners are saying is that they want to see a little common sense and joined-up thinking from both the University and Sheffield City Council, as there is no reason why the design for the new engineering block cannot incorporate the Edwardian Wing or, as another option, find an alternative site.

Judging from all the thousands of people who have signed the petition to try and save the Edwardian block I am not alone in my way of thinking. What is the point of buildings being given Listed status if we are going to ignore this and destroy them?

Susan Richardson

By email