It’s carry on blue bins

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Just read the article in The Star 23/02/11 regarding the use of blue bins and boxes.

We at Intake have been using the blue bins and boxes for a few months now, they got shuffled about during the high winds but I think everyone eventually found their own and we are just about getting used to using them.

Then up popped your article about we can decide how to use them. I put all my papers and what card I had in the blue box and plastic, tins and glass in the blue wheelie bin.

Great, I thought, suits me because I used to take the latter items to the recycling bins at Intake, it will save me a journey.

But the last time they emptied my blue box and bin they popped a handy hints recycling leaflet through my letter box.

This says plastic bottles are the only plastic items to go in your blue bin. Items such as yoghurt pots, carrier bags,margarine tubs and food trays are made using lots of different types of plastics and this makes them hard to separate for recycling. Other items of plastic can be taken to your local recycling site.

Well, there is no mention of tins and glass for the blue wheelie is there?

They are telling me to do what I was doing before, pre-blue box, so what is the point having a blue box.

We should revert to having the blue bin for the paper and card and take the other stuff to local recycling points because we have to go anyway, what a “carry on”.

PJH Intake

n In response to the lady in Fulwood who had non-household items rejected for collection by Veolia. I had a similar experience with my blue bin, having put a small cardboard box 8 inches x 8 inches, a plastic tray and two other pieces of plastic sheet 10-inches square, along with the usual plastic milk cartons and washed tins.

The result of their actions: all went in black bin and went in next collection and will not use blue bin again.

I want to thank Veolia for the blue box which I have never used for paper because I object to carrying it to the kerb. It makes a good little mini greenhouse to grow my lettuce in. My newspapers go to my cat-loving neighbour and my junk mail and glossy brochures are incinerated.

Non-conformist, Sheffield S5