It’s an ugly dilemma

Victim: Charlize Theron.
Victim: Charlize Theron.
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Actress Charlise Theron has hit out at magazines who portray women like her as picture-perfect.

“People see magazine covers and believe that’s actually what they look like,” she says.

“It’s not what I look like. I get fat, I have pimples and I’m getting older – everything is happening for me exactly as it is for everyone else.”

She only looks good on the red carpet because of help from professional hair and make-up artists, stylists and designers.

It’s easy to say when you’re beautiful. Far better to refuse the professional trickery that creates the illusion – and makes ordinary women feel inferior.

But fact is, Theron and her peers are just as much victims as we are. Imagine the cat-calls if one of them dared to make a stand, and step out at the Oscars without the glossy veneer?