It's about to get VERY hot in Sheffield- but can you have a barbecue in the park?

Sunbathing in Sheffield
Sunbathing in Sheffield
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Summer is FINALLY set to arrive in Sheffield this week and that can only mean one thing - barbecues.

It's a well known fact that as soon as the sun comes out, we all rush to our nearest supermarket to buy a disposable barbecue.

We put on a shorts, sunglasses and sun-cream, head outside and enjoy the rare moment of sunshine for all its worth.

But, while some people have their barbecues outside in the garden, many people head to their local park to fire it up.

So, what does the council say about having a barbecue at a park?

Sheffield City Council have said that they DO accept the use of personal barbecues in their parks but have set out a series of guidelines.

The council has urged people to think about their location and the safety of other park users and make sure their barbecue is safe and can't fall over.

Don't place the barbecue directly onto the grass or park furniture and users must take care with the disposal of hot ashes.

These should not be disposed in a bin or thrown onto the land; instead water should be used to extinguish the burning charcoals.

Other park users must not be disturbed by smoke and children and pets must be kept safe at all times.

Ensure that the food is thoroughly cooked and stored in good hygienic containers and don't put leftover food scraps in litter bins - this encourages foraging dogs and foxes.

Finally, ensure that all the litter is taken home with you and make sure you enjoy the sunshine!