It’s a flame shame

Hot property: David Beckham as the flame arrives
Hot property: David Beckham as the flame arrives
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Somebody didn’t do a very good job in the vetting process, did they?

The Olympic flame has no sooner begun its 8,000 journey around the UK and already torches have gone up for auction on eBay -for up to £100,000.

I thought those bestowed with both honour and lighted torch had been selected for special reasons; like their huge talent, their huge heart, or their boundless spirit. Like Doncaster’s Ben Parkinson, the courageous soldier who lost his limbs in Afghanistan and Sheffield’s Charity Pram Man, they would be the sort of people who would cherish their tiny part in such an epic event - and keep their torches for their children’s children.

Some may be selling for charity; fair enough. But those out to gold-line their pockets? They tarnish the nation in the eyes of the world.