'It is not right that people from other countries jump the queue in our social system'

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Friday, 31st August 2018, 7:15 am
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 7:21 am
Homeless people

Can anyone tell me then why racism is thrown at you when you wish to make a point about something?

I’m the one born on the Wybourn 1953.

I learned to appreciate things and to value everything and the lesson is things in life have to be earned.

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I’m fully aware that very many immigrants back in the 50s helped rebuild Sheffield, and I am very grateful they did too, and thanks to the gent reminding me I didn’t live during the war.

My parents did, however, and Sheffield took a long time to rebuild itself.

I find it hard then to accept when I read refugees have complained their accommodation in bed and breakfast isn’t suitable and how can it be that they are at the front of the queue at the housing and benefits office, and our own youth line the streets of Sheffield?

They tell me they fall through the system, and refugees take priority.

Before the racist comments come flooding in, may I say that I as a retired nurse of many years knows a thing or two about helping people and I don’t care what ethnic group you belong to. People in need are people in need, it’s about what is right and what is wrong, that simple.

It is not right that people from other countries jump the queue in our social system, no matter what their reasons may be and who has the right to say their need is greater or less than others.

It could be argued that why should Sheffield fund other people’s needs from around the globe?

Aren’t our people on the streets just as important? Shouldn’t we deal with problems in our own backyard before taking on the world’s problems.

Do these people who apparently don’t qualify for benefits have lesser needs than others who jump the queue at the housing and benefits department.

It is not racist to point out a failure in our system but it is fact that this is happening.

I wrote to Lord Mayor Magid Magid to remind him of his duties, and to respect and not to forget our values and traditions, and to represent all people of Sheffield and not just refugees.

Get these people off the streets, they have as much right as the refugees for help.

Wake up, Sheffield the problem is not going away.

Linda Mary luke

Sheffield lass on behalf of the forgotten, Kettwig, Germany