'It never hurts to look twice': Rider's call to Sheffield motorists in the wake of crash

Rider Jack Smith and his bike
Rider Jack Smith and his bike
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A motorcyclist who escaped an accident last week with just a broken leg has issued an appeal to drivers to watch out for riders in the wake of deaths on the road.

Jack Smith was lucky not to be more seriously hurt in the accident on Thursday at 4.30pm.

The 35-year-old Mr Smith had just left a shopping precinct on Cricket Inn Road when the accident happened outside the Belle Vue pub.

The East Glade Crescent, Hackenthorpe man hit a Mercedes and was thrown over the bonnet, landing about five metres away.

His left leg, which had been sandwiched between the Ducati and car in the impact, was fractured lengthways just below the knee cap.

He was in agonising pain, but Mr Smith said it could have been a whole lot worse.

“My head never touched the floor,” he said.

Mr Smith’s safety call has even more meaning, after a rider died in an accident on Fox Hill Road yesterday.

Mr Smith is pleading with drivers to take more care and watch for riders on the roads.

“Look twice,” Mr Smith said.

“If you hear a bike, make sure you look and see it.

“It never hurts to look twice.”

Mr Smith had been on his way to pick up his girlfriend, and planned to surprise her by giving her a lift home on the bike.

He also wishes to thank three people who helped him after the accident.

Mr Smith was thankful to the driver of the Mercedes, who stopped to assist.

“He wasn’t bothered about how his car was,” he said.

Two men helped secure his bike, which had ended up about 15 metres away.

Mr Smith didn’t take details, and thinks one of the men was named Matt.

“People tried to pass on the details,” the Hather Plant Hire operator said.

“But the last thing I was thinking of, was punching in digits on a phone.

“I just want to get to hospital and get some pain relief.”

Mr Smith knows how lucky he was not to escape with relatively minor injuries.

“I can live with a broken leg, out of all that,” he said.