It might feel like spring but snow is on the way'Crocuses by Amber Shi'Crocuses by Amber Shi
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IT MAY have seemed like spring has sprung early – but South Yorkshire is in for another wintry cold snap this weekend.

Temperatures in Sheffield reached a balmy 15C last week, but are set to drop again over the next few days with wet snow even predicted on higher ground.

Paul Mott, from weather forecasters Meteogroup, said: “It will be getting colder, basically.

“The average temperature for this time of year is about 8C or 9C and we’ve seen it rise to 15.3C in Sheffield.

“Over the next few days the temperatures will fall again with lows of -1C on Sunday and Monday.

“Then it will go up again to around 10C or 11C next week.”

But Mr Mott said tonight it could drop to -1C and there will be frost in places.

He added that tomorrow night there was a risk of snow on higher ground over the Pennnines.

He said: “It will be pretty slushy snow but there should be some ice overnight on Sunday, too.

“Next week, temperatures should recover again, but it won’t be as warm. We are looking at temperatures of about 10C or 11C mid-to-late next week.”

The changeable weather is playing havoc with nature confusing plants and animals who think it’s spring.

Stuart Jackson, The Star’s gardening expert, said gardeners should not worry about their plants dying in the cold weather.

He said: “Plants are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for.

If there is a frost don’t panic and don’t worry. Be prepared and use some horticultural fleece to give them frost protection.”

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