It may very well prove  their downfall!  Â

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, S5

Should we trust Remainer Tony Blair on the EU?

Responsible for New Labour's 'catastrophic mistake' of, under EU Directive 2004-38, introducing mass immigration into the UK he inflicted damage from which we might never recover.  Instead of the estimated 13,000 from new EU countries, 427,000 brought 36,000 dependents and some 27,000 child benefit applications were approved, 680 being told they could get income-related benefits.  The Home Office claimed there were 'no demands' on our welfare system. Later, a buried government document backing Cameron's plea to remain in the EU, stated the welfare bill for jobless immigrants 2013/14 was £886 million with 4 out of 10 more recent arrivals being in households claiming benefits (Mail online 28.2.16). In 2018, Professor Alan Manning (Chair of Migration Advisory Committee) said 'a decade of low-skilled EU workers has cost the Treasury money as they take out more in benefits and consume more services'. Should we listen to Alistair Campbell, he of the 'dodgy' Iraq dossier who, on complaining of lack of full coverage of an anti-Brexit rally attended by 10,000 people, was told 'it was one tenth of those attending the 'Stop the Iraq War' demonstration following which your spokesperson said you would be pressing on irrespective of the size of the march'. Peter Mandelson, reported to have received £90,000 a year in EU land subsidies and be looking to receive a generous EU pension.   Gina Miller who, in 2016 and in a seeming fit of pique, claimed to have been inspired to take on the government after defying her abusive ex-husband, a supporter of the anti-EU Democratic Party.   After signing a pro-EU letter, 300 'celebrities' are said to have received millions of pounds of EU funding. The above joined multi-millionaires in backing last weekend's 'People's Vote' demonstration. 24 household names from the world of sport, politics etc funded coaches to the tune of £1,000 each.  The N.U.S, whose universities receive millions of pounds from the EU and students benefit greatly, secured £30,000 to pay for coaches to the event. No prizes for guessing why the above wish to remain in the EU but their arrogance in assuming we will fall for their suggested, heavily-loaded, 'People's Vote question may very well prove their downfall!