'It leaves a bad taste:' South Yorkshire play centre boss hits back over 'vendetta' about Nazi flags in WW2 game

The new boss of a popular South Yorkshire play zone has hit back after a complaint about displaying Nazi flags that were part of a World War Two game, saying she is the victim of a vendetta.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 2:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 2:31 pm
The Nazi flags on display at Lock 'N' Load. (Photo: Facebook).

Mum-of-two Sunnah Hussain, the new owner of indoor battle arena Lock 'N' Load, only took over the attraction this week and was instantly embroiled in a row after a person described the swastika flags as "disgusting."

But Sunnah believes the attack, which came on the day she officially took over the Rotherham-based business, was a deliberate vendetta to jeopardise the firm, which sees participants of all ages take part in mock battles in realistic war zone settings.

She said: "The place has been here for nine years and as far as I'm aware, no-one has ever complained about the flags before.

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The flags are part of a WW2 themed game. (Photo: Facebook).

"It is strange that on the day I take over, there's suddenly a complaint about them. It leaves a very bad taste that someone feels inclined to try and disrupt all my hard work."

Sunnah added: "I was going to remove them anyway. I'll be honest, the flags didn't sit comfortably with me.

"But I think it is someone with an issue and I find that most upsetting. It's sad how people are."

The Star was contacted by a reader, who wished to remain anonymous, who wrote: "The inclusion and use of Nazi symbolism anywhere is disgusting, however, its use by a local business which serves young children is beyond disgusting.

The flags are part of a WW2 themed game. (Photo: Facebook).

"How anyone running the laser play area thinks this is acceptable for kids is a mystery."

Added Sunnah: "The fact of the matter is that the Nazis were the enemy. Nobody is pro-Nazi - it is all just part of the game.

"This is a Call of Duty style World War 2 themed game and children need permission from their parents to play.

"I've worked my backside off on this place for the last few months and it is absolutely ridiculous that this has happened the moment I take over. Someone with a grudge is jeopardising all the hard work I've put in with a silly vendetta. It leaves a very bad taste."

She added the the flags have now been taken down.

During games, players use laser guns to take part in battle scenes with recreation of buildings and hardware from the era with children, adults and corporate groups all regularly taking part in the battles.