It is just fear, fear, fear

I feel I must respond to a recent letter by DS Dalton in which he/she stated that the Leave campaign was behaving irresponsibly. I totally disagree.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 6:21 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 7:23 am

Yes, it does appear that older members of society intend to vote in the forthcoming Referendum and that most will vote Leave.

Can this be down to the wisdom of age and fond memories of when we ruled ourselves, mistakes and all.

I too am a pensioner and I bitterly regret having been conned in 1975, to vote “in”.

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I welcome this opportunity to put matters right.

DS Dalton considers that there are three major issues in this referendum and he/she believes that all three have been misrepresented by the Brexit campaign.

I totally disagree. It is the Remain campaign which is perpetuating misrepresentation and stoking up a fear factor to which DSD appears to have succumbed.

Fear constitutes the basic argument of the Remain campaign.

He/she is correct to point out that the £350 million which we hand over to the EU each week is reduced by the amount we get back.

This is usually about half of what we pay in and it goes to support our farmers etc.

If we were independent we would still pay this.

We would at least have the chance to say where it was spent rather than this decision be at the whim of some bureaucrat in Brussels.

That still leaves approximately £175m per week which is just totally lost, a charitable donation to our European competitors.

In a year this amounts to £9 billion, just thrown away.

Some of this has no doubt gone towards the construction of the expensively engineered motorways we see in southern Spain.

And we still have potholes in our roads.

It will not be long before we are contributing to the cost of building a motorway system in Romania for the locals to drive their horse and carts on.

And we will still have potholes in our roads.

Then we get the big fear factor of what our relationship with the EU will be after Brexit.

Will it be the Norwegian model, or the Swiss model etc.

No sir, it will not.

It will be the British model.

Norway has a population of only 1 per cent of that of the EU and therefore as a trading partner it amounts to nothing.

The EU can dictate terms on a take it or leave it basis.

We are the second biggest market in the EU and vitally important to the EU’s economy which, without the UK market, would be in great difficulty.

We negotiate from a position of strength not weakness.

Any action against us can easily be reciprocated.

Can you imagine, for instance, a couple of hundred thousand German cars sitting on the dockside at Hamburg with nowhere to go?

And what about the smell of all those rotting Spanish vegetables?

As for paying a contribution to the EU, for giving them the privilege of trading with us, no way, nothing, not a penny.

The immigration argument is straightforward, we simply cannot control our borders whilst we are in the EU.

In a few years Merkel’s Migrants will be able to come here should they wish and there will be nothing we can do about it.

Plus there will be the Turks, Albanians and goodness knows who else.

With regard to sovereignty, of course we have not yet lost all of it.

Just most of it and more of it is going all the time. This will continue until there is nothing left.

Then we get the “leap of faith” and “cost per household”.

It is just fear, fear, fear.

The entire Remain campaign is based upon fear.

It is the Remain which is totally irresponsible.