'It felt like a huge boulder on the roof' - Terrifying moment yobs hurled rocks at cars from Sheffield railway bridge

Careless yobs are putting lives at risk by persistently hurling heavy rocks at vehicles from a high railway bridge in Sheffield.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 9:06 am
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 9:10 am
The railway bridge in Herries Road, Sheffield. Picture: Google

That's the concern raised by a number of motorists today who have been victims of the crime while passing underneath the bridge in Herries Road, close to Hillsborough Stadium.

Police have now launched an investigation following a string of dangerous incidents.

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A number of drivers took to Facebook to express concern that the careless act could lead to a fatal accident and called for law enforcement to impose harsh punishments on the gang.

Melissa Johnson told how it "happens all the time passing through there" and added: "It scared me to death the last time, felt like a huge boulder had landed on the roof."

Simon Donston said: "Had a car full of kids when they threw objects that dinted the car roof. You can repair metal easily but flesh and blood not that easily."

Carla Dudhill posted: "We went under the bridge just before 6pm and there must have been a dozen kids up there.

"Had my kids in the car and my husband driving. I said to him they are going to throw something over, luckily we didn't get hit."

Other motorists told how they have thrown eggs at cars on other occasions and another gang have been causing similar problems at Mosborough Parkway.

They called for police and the courts o take more action.

Sarah Linley said: "If they cause an accident I should hope they get sentenced for attempted murder or even possibly murder."

In addition to concerns about drivers, the train line on the bridge is live and there fears for the gang's safety.

A spokesman from the Sheffield West Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "We have received a number of reports about youth throwing stones and other items from the railway bridge on Herries Road.

"Officers have been giving it passing attention and will be working with other colleagues to try to identify anyone involved.

"These track are still live so not only are these people causing damage and a danger to other but they are also putting them self at risk.

"Trespassing on a railway line is an offence and we will be working alongside British Transport Police in relation to this."