It’d be cheaper by taxi

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I WOULD like to make a point regarding postage charges.

I WOULD like to make a point regarding postage charges.

As an ex-employee, I understand that people have to work to make a living and obviously I don’t have a problem with that.

On the other hand, being a retired member of the still-paying public I could not believe what my wife told me this morning.

We went to pay our paper bill at our local Spa shop, which houses the local Post Office here in Stannington. I was paying the paper bill and my wife was posting a padded envelope containing about three average-size birthday cards.

Now, we understand the stealth charges regarding size and weight, which are a complete rip off anyway, but we can deal with that. It’s just typical of Rip-off-Britain... and notice that I didn’t say Great Britain.

The lady was just doing her job and mentioned the fact that paying First Class would not guarantee the item getting there the next day.


Why do we have a two-tier system in the first place?

A bit more stealth.

This didn’t end there.

The lady added: “However, if you want it to get there the next day you will have to pay £5.”

Yes, a staggering FIVE POUNDS! What planet are these so-called business people on? The guy Crozier made a complete mess of the FA so nothing has changed there and what does he know about the Royal Mail?

I suggest everyone avoids paying this stupid amount of money.

It would be cheaper to send it by taxi.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would love to know.

Hugh Prewett, Stannington