Isle MP questions PM about future governance

Questions about how England should be governed were on the table at a special summit attended by Isle MP Andrew Percy.
MP Andrew Percy pictured at Chequers.MP Andrew Percy pictured at Chequers.
MP Andrew Percy pictured at Chequers.

The event was held at Chequers, the country retreat of British prime ministers, and came in the wake of the Scottish referendum.

Since devolution to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland a decade and a half a go, an anomaly has arisen which allows MPs from those countries to attend Westminster and vote on matters that only affect England, such as health and education policy.

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Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants to end this by introducing English votes for English laws in the House of Commons, at the same time as devolving more decision making to Scotland.

Mr Percy said: “We could end up with a situation soon where Scottish tax levels are set in Scotland but Scottish MPs come to Westminster and still vote on the taxes English residents pay.

“This is ridiculous and has to end as it is about time England was treated as fairly as the rest of the UK.

“That was the message I gave to the Prime Minister at the high level summit I attended at Chequers.

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“I explained to the Prime Minister that English people are perfectly capable of running their own affairs and we must stop Scots and Welsh MPs voting on matters that only affect England.”

He added: “A poll of local residents I undertook shows that 86 per cent of local people agree with English votes for English laws in Parliament.

“This wasn’t just of a few people, nearly a thousand people responded to my survey on this issue.

“I also explained to the Prime Minister that along with this we also had to devolve more decision making and powers to the North of England.

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“We know far better than anyone in London what is right for our area, and we should be given the powers to make those decisions locally. “

He concluded: “It was a really interesting summit and I think the Prime Minister understands the strength of feeling in England on these matters. I also enjoyed visiting Chequers and have a nose around. It was a long way to drive for the day but I was at least able to share what local people think.”

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