Is Tim Farron the saviour?

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So the Liberal Democrat party have recently appointed Tim Farron as their new leader.

There will be many in the political world along with the electorate asking the same question: “What difference will this make?”

Is Mr Farron now the Lib Dem saviour in which thousands of lost voters over the past five years will come flocking back to the fold?

Is he the man who will now revive and rebuild a party that’s almost hit rock bottom?

In doing my homework I find that in the coalition Government it appears that he was isolated by the former leadership, considered too left-wing and too untrusted to hold ministerial office.

If that is the case then I wonder why Mr Fallon was the only Lib Dem to increase his majority at the May General election?

While he defeated Norman Lamb, the former Health Minister by a narrower margin than most in the party had predicted, Mr Fallon must be worried that only 56 per cent of Lib Dem members eligible to vote could not be bothered to do so.

This suggests he has a long way to rebuild the Lib Dems’ activist base, let alone win back thousands of lost voters.

While I have never been and will be a Liberal Democrat supporter I do wish Tim Farron the best of luck. For me he comes over as a honest, decent, friendly, and genuine guy, similar to the late Charles Kennedy who sadly died in the period shortly after the elections.

Mr Farron and his colleages have a huge mountain to climb. The Lib Dems are still part of the political establishment and have a role to play in our present fragmented out-of-date system.

John Yale

Henry Street, High Green, Sheffield, S35