Is this why the fares have gone up?

city centre busescity centre buses
city centre buses
When are the bus companies going to get it right?

The bus fares are going up supposedly to make things easier. Can I ask, who for?

I purchase a weekly saver which has now become a smart card. When I got my first one I was told that to renew it is simple, just top up on the bus.

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The first time I tried to top up, the driver said: “You can’t top up on the bus mate,” and proceeded to throw it down the bus.

So much for it being the public causing the mess on the buses.

This week I purchased my renewal and the driver said:“I’ll top it up.”

I said: “But you can’t,” to which he said: “Of course I can.”

I paid my money and guess what? It doesn’t work.

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After a 40-minute phone call, no-one knew what I should do.

I tried online and the same thing.

Is this the reason the fares have gone up, to pay for plastic cards that don’t work?

Good job I saved my receipt, which I now have to show.

D Naylor