Is this the most annoying thing about buying a greeting card when you're from Sheffield?

Cards in Sheffield - Credit: @dansufc
Cards in Sheffield - Credit: @dansufc
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The Sheffield phrasebook is full of expressions and phrases that you won't find anywhere else in the country.

From 'Mardy Bum' to 'reyt bad', the Sheffield slang is one of the many things that make this city and its people so special.

However, despite its poetic beauty, this dialect does cause problems - especially when buying greeting cards.

Sheffield resident Daniel Fox discovered this for himself when he went shopping for a Christmas card for his grandmother recently.

In front of him were rows upon rows of heartfelt cards; all wishing the customer's nan/nanna/grandma a merry Christmas.

But, if you're from Sheffield, there's a very good chance that you won't call your grandmother by any of these names.

In Sheffield, there is only one word for these important women in your life - and that word is 'Nannan'.

To anyone outside of Sheffield, this word will cause a great deal of confusion and have them reaching for their dictionaries.

While it may not be in any dictionary, 'nannan' is as much a word as 'nesh' 'gennel' or 'breadcake'.

Daniel Fox voiced this exact grievance on Twitter while he was card shopping.

He tweeted: "Biggest annoyance at card shops when you’re from Sheffield, none of them say nannan! #sheffield #nannan"

So, should greeting card companies be producing their own Sheffield-specific range of cards? We certainly thing so.