Is this the kind of man who should be hero-worshipped?

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Never again will Sheffield United be able to call themselves a family club with the news that they are about to allow Ched Evans back into the club.

It is true that all people deserve a chance to atone for their mistakes and to be rehabilitated into society but should it be in such a high-profile occupation?

The poor victim, who is regularly forgotten in all this, is having to live her life away from her parents and friends under a different name.

What sort of life is she leading with the whole affair regularly being thrust in front of her?

Many people have stated that if Evans was a bricklayer, road sweeper, joiner etc, they would be welcomed back but I can assure you that this is not true.

The workers in any trade would not welcome a rapist back to his former employment, he would probably have to move to another area to obtain employment and lie about his past.

I know from past experience how hard it is to obtain a job after coming out of prison.

Yes, I’ve been inside for my troubles but I must mention not for sex or violence and I’m not proud of it.

I was out of work for around five years and there’s no way my previous employer would have welcomed me back.

Because of this I had to lie to get a job but it was always in your mind that someone would walk through the door and divulge your secret.

I know many of your readers will have read the account of ‘truth’ on the Evans website but I ask you to read the full transcript of the trial and you will read some of the most disgusting behaviour that no family paper could print.

If you do I then ask, guilty or not guilty, is this the kind of person who should be hero worshipped?

Concerned and confused