Is this the future I want for my family?

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As the General Election looms there are several issues foremost in my mind as I think not just of how my vote will affect me in the next few years, but how it will affect my two tiny great- granddaughters in 20 years.

Immigration is my main worry along with, austerity measures, the defence of our realm and the NHS.

Immigration affects everything, access to doctors and dentists, available housing, jobs, and salary levels that allow people to get a foot on the property ladder.

It raises security issues as open borders allow anyone to stroll into the UK, and no- one knows whether they are genuine migrants or potential militants.

As a senior citizen who has worked all his life and paid into the system, I am tired of hearing from politicians of all parties that the NHS troubles are all because I now have the audacity to still be alive. No one mentions that there is no age cap on immigrants

The Tory austerity measures have cut so deeply already that one wonders how much more can be cut. The public sector has been cut to the bone, and now there is nothing left to cut apart from jobs. If you start cutting jobs the front line services are bound to suffer, and those who used to do these jobs will be unemployed and claiming the very benefits the Tories hate so much.

Labour are completely out of touch, like the Tories, with the problems that immigration brings and the weight it places on our infrastructure and our people, mainly because they don’t come into any real contact with these issues.

The first objective of any Government should be the safety of its people, but politicians would sooner waste billions in foreign aid to countries who don’t need it, leaving their own people virtually defenceless to attacks from the inhuman animals that are running wild in the world today.

In the view of John B (Star April 27), my above comments mean I am suffering from Europhobia Simplex, which makes me prone to making irrational statements and needing to wear posh clothes and like a pint and a fag.

John B advises people to avoid me, and people who like UKIP, as if we are contagious just because we have similar views. He wants a world where his views are respected, but he doesn’t respect anyone else’s.

Is this the future I want for my great granddaughters? I don’t think so. I will leave it to John B, he’s welcome to it.


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