Is this Sheffield’s grottiest phone box?

Run-down phone box in Dore with cobwebs growing in the receiver.
Run-down phone box in Dore with cobwebs growing in the receiver.
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Smashed glass, cobwebs in the receiver and moss growing outside - this is the state of a little-used phone box in Sheffield.

The run-down facility on Causeway Head Road, Dore, has been described as ‘dreadful’ by a passer-by who was so appalled at its condition that he sent these photographs in to The Star.

BT later confirmed that the facility - which surprisingly is still in full working order - was only used three or four times a month.

PR consultant Adrian Trippets, who was returning to the area to visit family when he saw the box, said: “If somebody in an emergency needed to use this phone to call an ambulance they would probably end up in accident and emergency.

“It’s actually in full working order - though if you really must pick up the receiver, I’d advise using gardening gloves, given the biodiversity thriving inside it.

“Appreciated, phone boxes have long been the target of anti-social behaviour, but scenes like this are a terrible indictment on BT’s reputation.

“It gives the impression they care little for their image, or their customers.”

BT said there had been no recent fault reports or complaints from members of the public about the box and it was working.

Calls from their 58,000 phone boxes across the country have fallen by 80 per cent in the last five years, and crime or vandalism costs almost £8.2 million a year in repairs.

A spokesman said that teams would be sent out to ‘tidy up’ the Dore telephone box as soon as possible.