Is this a price worth paying?

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Recently we have heard of overwhelming job cuts in organisations to which the council outsources. Inevitably, the lack of funding will cause a huge loss of numbers in the voluntary sector, which the government aims to promote under its Big Society push.

More than 50,000 NHS jobs will be lost. This has personal resonance because I have a number of friends and family whose livelihoods and careers are driven by a passion for the health service and who fear there will be a significant impact to much-needed services.

Commentators and the government are keen to dismiss public sector job losses, saying growth from the private sector will aid the retraction in the public sector. However, if organisations such as Yorkshire Forward, which aid private sector growth, are disbanded then where will this leave key government strategy?

Another major concern is over the future prospects for current students. I graduated under the previous system and am working hard to re-pay my student debt. This is being exacerbated with increases in fees at the same time as higher education opportunities are being cut. This is one of a number of policies where the young are targeted. Sheffield was punished throughout 18 years of Tory rule.

Now we see the same short-sighted mistakes affecting the region. Why are the Lib Dems supporting a government that is creating such havoc?

Do Nick Clegg and his colleagues believe unemployment is a price worth paying?

Richard Lawrence