Is there something wrong with ex-miners?

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In reply to BT, (The Star, July 22), would that be Blubber and Tripe?

Just a short note to inform you that, yes I am a very happy man and I have a wonderful life and family.

But NO, I am not an ex-miner and you could not be further from the truth regarding the employment where I earned my millions.

Are you suggesting there is something wrong with ex-miners, or is it just your ‘nasty party’ affiliation showing through?

No doubt you are one of the half pint pots that think they are above manual workers.

What’s your employment, if any?

You know what? I’d sooner have one ex-miner by my side in the trenches than 40 of your kind any day.

Lecture over.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74