IS stopped me taking flask in

Paris atrocities.
Paris atrocities.
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Some things just make my blood boil and two things in the last couple of days have just really peed me off.

First of all a begging advertisment for £3 per month to supply Syrian refugee camps with water. Now much as I feel for the vunerable children of these conflicts I can’t help but think where I would be now had my father decided not to fight for his country and fled?

Had he turned tail and ran, I and the rest of this land could now have been living under the German jackboot.

Secondly, this mass outpouring of sypathy for the French won’t last longer than a couple of weeks as they don’t like us and we have never been particularly fond of the French.

And finally, not being allowed to take my flask and sausage rolls into my footballl games, “something I have done for 45 years”, really gets my goat.

Thank you IS.

JW Vintin

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