Is Sheffield prepared for a technological revolution?

The ABB Yuni, a collaborative robot, pictured.The ABB Yuni, a collaborative robot, pictured.
The ABB Yuni, a collaborative robot, pictured.
76% of Sheffield people believe that artificial intelligence will impact their jobs within the next 20 years.

More than half (55%) of Brits think that Artificial Intelligence will have the biggest impact on our lives in the next 20 years compared to other technological advances, rising to nearly three quarters (71%) among 18-24 year olds, according to a new poll by Ebuyer.

The survey looked into the technological advances that the public thinks will have the biggest impact on our lives over the next 20 years.Those in Edinburgh are most convinced that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect the workplace, with four in five believing it will have the biggest impact on our jobs in the next 20 years. Leeds are not far behind with over three quarters (77%) also believing AI will influence our careers.Its influence on the science industry can already be seen, with artificial intelligence being used in five new technology centres in the UK to improve recovery and diagnose diseases at an earlier stage.

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Lee Weymouth, commercial director at Ebuyer said: “The emergence of AI is a great technological success in our rapidly growing industry. It is slowly coming into play in our daily lives in the UK, as we try to catch up with China’s advanced AI systems.

“It is interesting to see how the public views the future of technology, with young people seeing AI as something that will definitely have a large effect on our lives. I think the results speak for themselves, as AI is now being brought into hospitals and once-human job roles.”

The top 10 cities that believe AI will be the biggest tech innovation to impact our jobs in the next 20 years are:1. Edinburgh (80%)

2. Leeds (77%)

3. Sheffield (76%)

4. Norwich (75%)

5. Newcastle (74%)

6. Glasgow (72%)

7. Bristol (72%)

8. Cardiff (71%)

9. Manchester (69%)

10. London (68%)

When it comes to future innovations of tech, over a quarter (26%) of people think that wearable tech and voice assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, won’t exist in the future because something new and better will have replaced it.

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Belfast (48%), Glasgow (38%) and Cardiff (34%) are the top three cities that think wearable tech will become obsolete by 2030. Whereas, Birmingham (35%), Bristol (33%) and Liverpool (33%) believe voice assistants are the most likely to be taken over by something better.