Is it worth extending warranty?

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IS it worth paying for a Comet extended warranty?

Maybe. The firm offers ‘complete peace of mind’ and ‘what we genuinely believe is the best after-sales service around’.

But unfortunately Douglas Cain has been without his washing machine since Boxing Day, despite paying £130 for five years’ cover.

The 61-year-old of Guildford Rise, Norfolk Park, was visited by an engineer who didn’t have the parts, the second appointment was abruptly cancelled on the day, as was the third.

Both times he had to swap shifts at work, he says.

‘When the part comes in we will ring you and make another appointment’, Douglas was told.

But when no call came he contacted Action Desk – sick of handwashing and the launderette.

IT’S not over yet for Douglas.

A Comet spokeswoman said she was sorry for the delay but the part had now arrived.

She added: “We have been in touch to book an engineer to visit.”

Action Desk has an update on Christine Carrack who was without her machine for a month, despite having a Comet warranty.

She too had one visit followed by two cancelled ones. Comet failed to respond last week.

Mrs Carrack takes up the story: “After The Star got involved an engineer visited again, took one look and ordered us a new one worth £380.

“Thanks for the help. But why couldn’t Comet have replaced it straight away and saved us the hassle?”

In January, Claire Robb opened the floodgates on Comet’s repair service problems – or rather an engineer did when he opened her broken machine which was full of water at the time.

Claire, of Fox Hill, took five days off work and had seven parts fitted.

But in the end she bought a new one, Comet said sorry and her insurers gave her £208.