Is it necessary?

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A READER asked why it needs five traffic wardens to patrol in a van in Sheffield. Well the incredible truth is there are three wardens with one supervisor. Why do they need a supervisor? And more amazing there is one police officer.

Why? Last year the the police lost 156 officers due to cutbacks and yet one can be spared (daily) to assist wardens. I have no objection to drivers who break the law being fined but why is it necessary to have a supervisor and/or a police officer there? This only emphasises the council’s anti-motorists policy.

Ivan Fiske, Dykes Hall Lane, S6

Hope this law isn’t repealed

I hope the law on joint enterprise is not repealed or watered down due to the liberal do-gooders and the relatives of people jailed.

This law, which is usually employed when someone has been brutally murdered by a gang of two or more, ensures that the person responsible for killing the person is jailed together with the others who were party to the offence.

The people who were held to be equally responsible but did not carry out the deed themselves currently do have a get-out and that is to testify against the murderer. They have only themselves to blame if they refuse to do so.

Michael Cartwright

Cruise in control

WELL done Tom Cruise for being concerned about Ben Needham who went missing 20 years ago! But don’t leave it at that: tell all your followers (2.4 million, wow!) that whoever spots Ben with DNA proof, will be rewarded with an evening with Tom Cruise and Ben Needham in Hollywood, all expenses paid. What an achievement that would be. Get the public excited and hopefully we will find Ben. What an act of human kindness on the part of one of mankind’s richest members.

Thomas McDonald, Arbourthorne