Is Clegg playing politics with city’s future?

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Clegg is so lazy that he cannot be bothered to come up with his own news stories. Not only is Clegg eager to appeal to the Guardian readers, he’s now rehashing articles from The Guardian (October 7) and dumps them on The Star (October 16) showing contempt for both The Star and Sheffielders.

What Clegg failed to say in his Star piece was that most of the money for apprentices in Sheffield will not be available until 2015. And of the 4,000 positions that Sheffield Council is signed up to create, 400 apprenticeships and 200 training schemes have already been created. So it looks like Sheffield is well set to hit its targets by 2016.

So if the council should have signed up to a more ambitious scheme why did Clegg agree to fund the council’s proposal?

Is Clegg playing politics with Sheffield’s future yet again?

Matt Taylor