Irreplaceable blow to city

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It now seems certain the Traditional Heritage Museum, on Ecclesall Road will close.

It is known as Sheffield’s hidden gem, is a superb insight into Sheffield’s past and, with its displays of the industrial and domestic side of life over the past 100 years and provides a lot of information and pleasure to visitors from all over the world.

Sheffield, Britain’s fourth largest city is desperately short of museums and to allow this fine facility to close would be a travesty.

The owners of the museum, Sheffield University, claim that there are problems with the boiler and seem obsessed with closing the building. They seem to have complete disrespect and lack of appreciation for the wishes of residents of our city which contains their buildings and accommodates its students.

Due to their dogmatic attitude and the apathy of Sheffield council, the loss of the museum would be an irreplaceable blow to the wellbeing of our city. Some positive action is urgently required to save it before it sinks into oblivion.

Gordon C Murfin, Collingham Road, Swallownest

Helpful workers

I WRITE in defence of the men at the council dump-it sites. I regularly use the one at Gleadless Valley where the staff are very polite and helpful, guiding one to the right area and, if asked, will willingly give a hand lifting an awkward object. They lifted my big TV to the right place two weeks ago.

SJ Bolger, Montgomery Road, Sheffield S7