iPhone app makes stalking simple...

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THE iPhone, ahhh, the iPhone...

It’s the latest word on everyone’s lips.

Between the passing of dear Steve Jobs two weeks ago and now the release of the iPhone 4S, you simply can’t pass a water cooler without hearing the word Apple trip off somebody’s tongue.

And it is simply amazing what those little phones can do. First Mr Jobs gave us Facetime (Back to the Future, or what?!), then he introduced us to the smart-talking Siri.

My personal favourite though, and the thing that is currently causing the most debate, is a little app called Find My Friends.

In a nutshell – it’s a stalker’s dream.

Find My Friends allows you to sign up with other likeminded ‘friends,’ so you can monitor where they are at any given time, even locating them handily on a map.

Erm, invasion of privacy...anybody?!

Now the marketing on this app was handled very cleverly. ‘Want to know if your children got home from school safe?’ they asked us, or ‘lost your friends in a crowd?’


We all know possesive girlfriends and jealous boyfriends everywhere are using it right now to ‘lovingly’ keep tabs on their other half.

It’s already happened in America, where a man caught out his wife after downloading the app to her phone without her knowledge. He had grown suspicious when she started visiting her ‘sister’ most nights and two days later, used the app to track her to her ‘lovers’ house.