Invitation for Sheffield and Rotherham nature fans

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Nature reserve fans are invited to a forthcoming meeting of the Reserve Advisory Group to find out more about the management of the local nature hotspots.

The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham will host the meetings for people who visit the reserves or want to know more about them.

RAG meetings will take place for the Crabtree Ponds, Sunnybank, Wyming Brook/Fox Hagg, and Carr House Meadows nature reserves. Plans for future management will be discussed along with information on upcoming events and community workdays.

In addition, there is a Sheffield and Rotherham members’ evening on Thursday at 6.30pm.

The Wildlife of Uganda by Geoff Facer is a slideshow about the African country’s wildlife.

The evening is free to all members of The Wildlife Trust or a suggested donation of £3 is payable for non-members.

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