Investment is just the ticket

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IF congestion in the city is to be cut then public transport has to be improved, so the decision by First to revamp its fleet of buses is just the ticket.

Clean, smart and modern buses may well help the company to continue to see passenger numbers increase.

First was forced to put up its fares because of rising costs - which is understandable - so long as there is an improvement in services.

The company is investing millions to deliver a better service that will hopefully persuade more people to leave their cars behind and jump on the bus.

Police should set a good example

HEARING that police are flouting parking laws by leaving vehicles where they shouldn’t is sad news for Sheffield safety campaigners.

The police’s Star-backed ‘It’s Your Child’ campaign is extremely worthy and highlights the very real need for drivers to obey parking laws to keep children safe.

But what sort of example are the police setting to ‘ordinary’ drivers by acting like this?

We agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of the It’s Your Child Campaign - but we want to see it being put into action by those to whom it should really be second nature.

The public should be able to look up to those in authority positions and to believe that they will take a lead by doing what’s right at all times.

Love your area

IN today’s newspaper there are stories showing contrasting sides of community spirit.

On the one hand is the inspiring story of youngsters who battled to get a skate park build in their community of Hackenthorpe.

Despite some minor protests from residents worried about the noise that may come from the area, the council spent £25,000 to give the youngsters what they had campaigned for.

Too often people are quick to criticise the young for intimidating behaviour. But they must have felt at one point that they couldn’t win, having put together a plan for a skate park only to see it opposed by residents.

But it is already a success and will help to keep youngsters off the streets.

And it is the streets of Page Hall that now need to have some pride taken in them by residents.

Litter is ruining the neighbourhood. As our Love Where You Live campaign gathers pace, we urge the residents to encourage others to take a pride in their area.