Into Thin Air, Cast in Doncaster

Into Thin Air by theatre company Precious CargoInto Thin Air by theatre company Precious Cargo
Into Thin Air by theatre company Precious Cargo
Into Thin Air, Cast

As stress and anxiety reach new levels in young adults and in the workplace, this show explores pressure in the modern world and the desire to achieve.

With the increasing pressure on everyone to succeed at everything, Into Thin Air from theatre company Precious Cario looks at when ambition moves from a positive motivator to become the weight of expectation and an inability to live in and enjoy the present, as we are too fixated with what’s next.

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Using tight ensemble performances and magical realism, Precious Cargo aims to presents a slick, intelligent exploration of how we all cope.

Director Jonluke McKie is from Sheffield and a former member of the Crucible Youth Theatre.

He said that his mum is “chuffed” that she doesn’t have to travel far to Doncaster to see the company’s work.

Jonluke said: “Into Thin Air came about after we (Precious Cargo) found we were all having similar conversations with friends and families about the impossibility of trying to juggle the different areas of our lives.

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“With social media providing a constant platform for comparison and increasingly busy lives, we wanted to explore what would happen if this pressure caused people to simply disappear when it got too much.”

Into Thin Air is co-created by Precious Cargo and North East writer Allison Davies.

The show is at the Doncaster theatre tonight.

Ticket are are £10.50 or £8.50 concessions.

They are available on 01302 303 959 or online at Cast in Doncaster

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