Interchange confirms investigation into girls who chased terrified autistic man onto Doncaster bus

A group of laughing girls who teased and chased a terrified autistic man onto a bus in Doncaster are being sought, it has been confirmed.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24th August 2016, 4:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:05 pm
Doncaster Interchange.
Doncaster Interchange.

Doncaster Transport Interchange has confirmed that it is investigating the incident which happened earlier this week but has issued no further comment at this stage.

The man was chased and made fun of by a group of girls on Tuesday evening after details of the incident emerged on a Facebook post which went viral.

The man was forced to flee the taunts by jumping aboard a number 54 Woodlands bus where he reportedly suffered a "meltdown."

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More details about the incident have now emerged and there have been calls for the girls to be named and shamed with others hoping that the incident had been caught on CCTV cameras.

A post revealing details, which was shared dozens of times on Facebook, said: "To the young girls who thought it was funny to chase an adult with autism through Doncaster bus station, onto a bus and then to point and laugh at him through the window whilst he had a meltdown, you are absolute f****** scum and I hope your parents are proud of you!"

"He sat near the window at the back and they stood near the glass laughing and pointing. The man was sat rocking and stamping his feet, visibly upset."

The incident has sparked an outrcy on social media with dozens of people taking to Facebook to slam the girls.

Belinda Webb said: "Scum that's all they are. Police should look at CCTV and arrest them all and name n shame them them. Put them in a room full of parents who have children with learning difficulties and see how big they are then."

Michaela Chadwick added: "How ignorant can you get!! That poor man must have been terrified. I hope hes feeling better. Those girls should be ashamed of themselves!"

And Stacey Wallace wrote: "Absolutely disgusting. Kids need to taught about autism and disabilities but it probably wouldn't stop them anyway.

"Cops need to look at cameras in hope to find these girls and give the correct punishment for harassment. As for parents, hopefully when they find out what their *little darlings* been up to they'll punish them and not fob it off.

"We need to protect our vulnerable."