Inseparable dogs in RSPCA kennels in Sheffield need a new home

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Two inseparable dogs in RSPCA kennels in Sheffield are in need of a forever home together.

The nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier crossbreeds, who have been together all their lives, arrived at the kennels last month.

Jake and Oscar are described as ‘friendly playful and affectionate’, with Oscar the more outgoing of the two.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “These two little guys have been best friends their whole lives and they are looking to continue their journey together.

“They both love to spend time with you. Oscar is the more outgoing of the pair and Jake is more of a shy boy. It takes Jake a little longer to make friends with new people, but he can’t resist tasty treats and once he realises you are not scary, he can be quickly won around.

“Jake looks to Oscar for support if he is feeling worried and we feel it is imperative that they stay together as they share such a glorious bond.

“Both Jake and Oscar appear happy around other dogs that they have met at the centre and they may be enjoy living with another canine. Although, we know that they have only shared their home with each other up to now, so we will need to do plenty of meetings to ensure everyone will be happy.

“They are used to being loved and adored and can’t wait to get back to that lifestyle as soon as possible.”

Call 0114 2898050.