Insecure homes targeted by burglars in South Yorkshire

An investigation is underway into burglaries in Sprotbrough
An investigation is underway into burglaries in Sprotbrough
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Burglars have been prowling the streets of a South Yorkshire village looking for homes left insecure.

South Yorkshire Police said an increase in 'opportunistic burglaries' had been reported in Sprotborough, close to Doncaster, this week.

Six break-ins have been reported in Spring Lane and Melton Road.

Electrical items and four vehicles - a Toyota Hilux, a Ranault Trafic van, a Citroen C4 and a Volkswagen Golf - were stolen.

PC Alex Rowley said: “Investigations have now been launched into all of the reported burglaries and enquiries are currently on going to identify and catch the offenders.

"We have also been engaging with the local community to make them aware of this advice and the simple steps that can be taken to increase security and decrease potential risks.

“Although many people have these security measures in place already, we are now approaching the summer months and with the nice weather coming, many people are spending more time in their gardens and out of the house, leaving windows open and doors unlocked."

He added: “From the reports we have received it would seem the opportunistic burglars are targeting houses that have been left insecure and where valuables have been left on show.

“Whilst I don’t want to scare people not to go out, it is important that if you are sat on the garden or going out, please remember to lock your doors and windows, and don’t leave car and van windows open when your vehicle is parked up.

“Alongside this advice, we have also taken action to increase police visibility in the area and have been engaging with members of the community to offer reassurance and explain the guidance.

“Not only in Doncaster but across the force, we are committed to tackling and reducing burglary and wherever possible action will be taken to achieve this."