Innovators bid for funds

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ENTREPRENEURS from The University of Sheffield are in the running to receive £100,000 of investment for pioneering business ideas.

Students James Routledge, George Bettany, Nabil Freeman and Stephan Broek have been selected for places on the prestigious European start-up scheme Ignite 100, because of their innovative plans for a new social networking site.

MatchChat focuses on live sport and allows fans to manage their relevant social circles around live matches.

Business management student George, aged 21, said: “Getting accepted is without a doubt our biggest achievement to date - it’s potentially a life changer.

“We all worked so hard during the application process and on the development of the site, it’s just great to know other people believe in us and we have a chance to make something big happen.”

The intense 13-week Ignite 100 programme, which is based in Newcastle, gives teams the chance to gain invaluable experience and advice from mentors.