Ink-credible festival boosts trade in South Yorks

Emy Claire, aged 24, who has more than 30 tattoos. Picture: Malcolm Billingham
Emy Claire, aged 24, who has more than 30 tattoos. Picture: Malcolm Billingham
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LOVE ’em or loathe them - tattoos are big money to Doncaster’s hotels!

Bosses working in the borough’s tourism sector reckon an international tattoo event at Doncaster Racecourse was one of the most profitable events this year in terms of filling their rooms.

Thousands of tattoo fans flocked to Doncaster Racecourse for one of the country’s biggest tattoo festivals, where more than 300 artists showed off their ink-credible skills at an annual extravaganza.

Richard McAvoy, boss of The Mount Pleasant Hotel, near Rossington, said the event was one of the biggest for Doncaster in terms of the number of hotel rooms it filled.

He said: “It is very good for Doncaster - one of the biggest in terms of filling rooms.

“It is amazing how popular it is - I don’t have any tattoos, but there is clearly a lot of national and international interest in them.

“There are several hundred rooms filled in Doncaster through this.”

Katey Dent, sales manager at The Crown Hotel in Bawtry agreed.

She said: “There are some of the biggest international tattoo artists in the world there, people right at the top of the game, and we find they tend to book up some of our top rooms.

“It is a real boost not just for us, but for other businesses in Bawtry.”

Sion Smith, editor of Skin Deep magazine, which is the overall sponsor for the event, said: “This year, the focus wasn’t so much on big international names.

“Instead, we concentrated on attracting home-grown talent.”

The Town Moor venue held a special trade day on the first day of the three-day event, followed by two days which were open to the public.

Event organiser Shelley Bond, added: “This year’s show has attracted our highest number of visitors to date.”

She added that the success of this year’s event paves the way to plans for an even bigger and better event next year.