Injured worker gets £27,000

Pictured is Michael Chapman of Goodwin Road,Rockingham,Rotherham
Pictured is Michael Chapman of Goodwin Road,Rockingham,Rotherham
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A mechanic has received £27,000 in compensation after being thrown from a motorbike at work.

Michael Chapman, aged 52, ruptured the ligaments in his wrist, forcing him to give up the career he loved after falling off the Yamaha R1 at Sheffield Motorcycle Centre.

After a trial at Sheffield County Court was halted by a judge last year, the firm’s insurers reached an out-of-court settlement of £27,000.

The father-of-one, from Rockingham, Rotherham, had just set off to take the new bike for a routine test ride when the back wheel skidded on plastic packaging it had been delivered in.

As he attempted to stop the bike from falling, he pulled on the throttle and was thrown to the ground as the bike roared off.

Michael then picked the bike up and even finished the rest of his shift in agony before going to the hospital - where he later underwent an operation to fuse the bones in his wrist back into place.

“I thought I had just twisted it,” said Michael. “Before I was a mechanic I worked in the foundry doing heavy lifting and you get hurt every now and then, so I just brushed it off.”

Since the incident, which happened back in October 2009, Michael has had three operations and can no longer bend his wrist.

His injury forced him to give up work as a mechanic and his hobby of Enduro-bike racing.

“I’ve been in constant pain ever since, which could easily have been prevented if my bosses had taken more responsibility,” Michael said.

Claire Bracewell, from law firm Irwin Mitchell which represented him, said: “We also hope it’s a stark wake-up call for other employers and shows how important it is to have health and safety regulations in place to protect employees from serious injury.

Sheffield Motorcycle Centre declined to comment.