Injured nurse in 999 agony

Sarah Leonard
Sarah Leonard
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A nurse from Sheffield trampled by a herd of cows during a treasure hunt was accused of being a hoax caller when she dialled 999 for help.

Sarah Leonard, of Norton, was walking with her dog in North Scarle, Lincolnshire, when a dozen cows trampled her - breaking her arms, collarbone, jaw and ribs last November.

But when Sarah, who was 59 at the time of the accident, called emergency services for help she was told by the handler at Lincolnshire Police: “This is a hoax, isn’t it, obviously?”

A recording of the call has now been posted online, where Sarah can be heard trying to explain what had happened to her.

It took paramedics 30 minutes to find her in the field because Sarah did not know her exact location. They eventually found her by tracing her mobile phone.

Sarah was geocoaching - a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS - when the accident happened. She was taken to Lincoln County Hospital and was in intensive care for several weeks.

In a statement Lincolnshire Police said the clip covers only the first few minutes of the call.

“The call lasted 48 minutes in total and all the time the caller was being spoken to, background work was going on to try to establish her exact location,” said a spokesman.

“There was never any delay in the police’s response to the incident and everything was done with urgency to find where the caller was. While all the work was being undertaken to locate the lady, the call taker kept talking to her to keep her calm and reassured, gaining as much information as possible from her. She was kept on the line until help arrived.”