Injunction to stop use of Sheffield home for scrap trade

40 Woolley Wood Road, Shiregreen
40 Woolley Wood Road, Shiregreen
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A SHEFFIELD couple accused of using their home to run a scrapyard business for the last three years have been made subject of a court injunction ordering them to stop the illegal activities.

Sanctuary Housing and Sheffield Council applied for the order at Sheffield County Court against Lee Mayfield and Susan Biggs.

Scrap outside the house on Woolley Wood Road

Scrap outside the house on Woolley Wood Road

Planning officers have spent the last three years trying to stop ‘unauthorised’ activities at their address on Woolley Wood Road, Shiregreen.

The council has repeatedly tried to take enforcement action against use of their home to store scrap metal and to stop large lorries parking on the narrow road outside.

Last week, the council revealed it could not use planning laws to order removal of vans and lorries which are continuing to be parked outside because the land does not belong to the couple.

The council would have to implement separate parking restrictions.

However, the injunction stops the Mayfield family from carrying out business activities from Woolley Wood Road - and using intimidating, confrontational and aggressive behaviour towards residents.

The order, served by Sheffield County Court on Wednesday, was granted until October 31, but can be extended by written application, if the family breaches the injunction.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council cabinet member for business, skills and development, said: “We are delighted with the outcome of this case.

“The family, through their business activities, have been blighting the lives of residents on Woolley Wood Road for some time.

“In 2010, it led to us serving them with an Enforcement Notice but problems continued and because of legal guidelines our hands were sometimes tied in what we could do.

“We hope the family recognises the terms of the injunction and some peace is brought to neighbours.”